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   Ramble through The Rocks !


    Rebel  Ramble 2007 
  15th Annual
   Fly & Camp Trip    * Rebel  Ramble Through The Rocks ! *
  July 3rd to July 20th, 2007      The Trip of a Lifetime !!        Fly Across Canada !    

                                          Ramble Maps

     We have put together a map package for Ramble 2007, as we have in the past. The package is available to order now, and ready to ship, as the new maps are in, except the 2 that will expire July 5th, as we Ramble !

     Here's the list of the 5 U.S. and 10 Canadian necessary maps - the cost for the full kit is $250.32 CAD, including a new Canadian Flight Supplement, tax and shipping by mail.  You don't have to order the whole package - it's just a convenience for you, and the map supplier. We have marked the maps that
you might want to delete - and, of course, you can add others, depending
on your location & route.

       - Ramble Maps - a complete package should be ordered NOW,
                        for delivery in June, - the new maps have arrived.

Since 2 of the maps expire after we start, you can't have that order shipped until the new ones are in !   You COULD ask them to ship everything else, and send the new ones later, but you would be paying extra shipping.. those in the west might be able to get new ones shipped in time !

Call VIP Pilot Supplies at 1-800-361-1696
           and ask for a Rebel Ramble 2007 Map Kit - item number K031.
                (Check to be sure you are getting the maps you want/need ! )

The total with standard shipping is $250.32 CDN. This kit includes ALL the maps we need, and a new Canadian Flight Supplement.
(You might want the US Flight Guides for Western & Central, as well...)

The Map Kit contains:

U.S. Maps (VNC)

Lake Huron

Green Bay

Twin Cities **       ** Expires July 5/07 - needed, and good going out, anyway ...


Great Falls **       ** Expires July 5/07 - needed, and good going out, anyway ...

NOTE: If you plan to go to Oshkosh, you will need to order NEW maps AFTER July 5, for:

Chicago                 - Used for Oshkosh (south route) - NOT included in KIT

Twin Cities **       ** Expires July 5/07

 ----- since Twin Cities expires before OSH, and you should have CURRENT maps for OSH !    - maybe could be shipped to somewhere enroute after the 5th ....

Canadian Maps (VNC)

Thunder Bay      ?    (Just in case we have to go the Northern route -
                                                       - you could delete ... & save $14.95 )





Toronto ( you should delete this, and the Toronto VTA, IF you have current ones ... )

Canadian (VTA)'s
  for  Calgary/Edmonton,  Toronto,  Vancouver,  and Winnipeg

(WAC) E-15 --- not available until fall !!!     NOT included in kit, and not really needed

the new Canadian Flight Supplement book (Effective May 10 - July 5)


                      < Click HERE to download the Ramble Maps PDF >


          Come & Fly with us - EVERYONE WELCOME !    (Especially owners & lovers of the Murphy Rebel)

          These fun flying trips are much like LIFE - the object is NOT "to get to the end", it's "TO ENJOY THE TRIP" !!   

                         We don't always get to the place we expected , but we DO see interesting places,
                                              meet interesting people, and share a lot of fun.
                     Fly along with us, learn a bunch, share lots of experiences, and create some happy memories !!           
               This is a casual, low-key, semi-disorganized FUN trip !! (We'll be Winging It all the way !)

                                       Suggestions welcome - navigation by consensus !!


Fly along for just a day, or 2, or the whole trip !

Please call & get on the Mailing List !   Everyone can fly along - and we'll ALL have FUN !! 

Don't be shy !! Acey-Ducey, Bonanza, Champ - - to EXtra, Yankee, & Zenith - (and everything in between ! )

This is a casual, low-key, semi-disorganized FUN trip !! (We'll be Winging It all the way !)

Suggestions welcome - navigation by consensus !!


Please register for the Ramble NOW ! Send $5 cash and we'll add you to the special Rebel Ramble mailing lists.

.. You will be kept up to date, and it will help us with planning ! ........ THANKS !

Bob & Anna Patterson (905) 457-5238

Ontario Factory Rep. - Murphy Aircraft Mfg. Ltd.

22 Baronwood Court, Brampton, Ont. L6V 3H6

email address here