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   Ramble through The Rocks !


    Rebel  Ramble 2007 
  15th Annual
   Fly & Camp Trip    * Rebel  Ramble Through The Rocks ! *
  July 3rd to July 20th, 2007      The Trip of a Lifetime !!        Fly Across Canada !       

                     Ramble Paperwork Notes

You will need a Special Flight Authorization letter if you fly a homebuilt.

- Web address for downloading U.S. FAA  S.F.A. letter - (needed for Canadian Amateur-Built aircraft to fly in U.S.A. ) 

  * Note that the rules now say this form must be DISPLAYED in the aircraft !

- Web address for downloading of Canadian SFA Letter - (for U.S. Experimental Aircraft to fly in Canada)      http://www.faa.gov/aircraft/gen_av/ultralights/sfa/

  **** ONE (your country) of the ABOVE is required to be ON BOARD the aircraft to be LEGAL ****

- Also note that Public Liability Insurance MUST be carried to fly in Canada
                                  - check minimum requirements !

    ( I <think> that $100,000 is minimum, BUT $1 Million is more reasonable !)

- Customs form 339-A - Annual User Fee Decal Request - Aircraft ..
MUST be filled in at time of clearing Customs, unless you already have a decal.
                         Fee is $27.50 USD, Credit card only.
 Best if applied for ONLINE,
and stuck on before - OR can be obtained from Customs at time of entry.
(better to have beforehand !)  Apply at:    http://www.cbp.gov/xp/cgov/toolbox/forms/ 

- Customs form 178 - Private Aircraft Enforcement System Arrival Report ..
MUST be filled in at time of clearing Customs ( NO charge ) .
 Download - or may be obtained at entry time. Customs REALLY like these to be filled in already when you arrive - otherwise, DELAYS can result ! ( You should have EXTRA forms
ready in case we decide to return to Canada on the return trip, and re-enter the USA closer
to home. )      D/L & print from:     http://www.cbp.gov/xp/cgov/toolbox/forms/ 

- Customs MUST be telephoned at least 2 hours BEFORE arrival - ADCUS on flight
  plans is NOT enough !! 
              ( We will try to call ONCE, for the whole group, IF we are ALL together ! )

- A Flight Plan MUST be filed to cross the border (at most airports ...)
(IF we all fly together, we can file ONE plan for a "flight of 20" - OR, different groups of
 similar speeds might file as "flight of 6",  "1, plus 3",  etc. .... )

A transponder is required for crossing the border (at most airports ...)
   - OR - a "No Transponder Waiver"  (Requests must be faxed at least 7 days early !)
- Web address for downloading TSA WAIVER REQUEST FORM -

   This page also has information about the current NOTAM.

- Ramble Name Tags, and Ramble 2007 Buttons will be filled in & given out
   before leaving Brampton, or enroute, for those joining us along the way.

    Please wear them for Press Interviews and Chapter/Club Visits en route.

- Maps - a complete package should be ordered NOW, for delivery in June.
Call VIP Pilot Supplies at 1-800-361-1696 and ask for a Rebel Ramble 2007 Kit - item number K031. The total with standard shipping is $250.32 CDN. This kit includes ALL
the maps we need, and a new Canadian Flight Supplement. You might want the US Flight Guides for Western & Central, as well...

                   < Click HERE to download the Ramble Paperwork Notes >


          Come & Fly with us - EVERYONE WELCOME !    (Especially owners & lovers of the Murphy Rebel)

          These fun flying trips are much like LIFE - the object is NOT "to get to the end", it's "TO ENJOY THE TRIP" !!   

                         We don't always get to the place we expected , but we DO see interesting places,
                                              meet interesting people, and share a lot of fun.
                     Fly along with us, learn a bunch, share lots of experiences, and create some happy memories !!           
               This is a casual, low-key, semi-disorganized FUN trip !! (We'll be Winging It all the way !)

                                       Suggestions welcome - navigation by consensus !!


Fly along for just a day, or 2, or the whole trip !

Please call & get on the Mailing List !   Everyone can fly along - and we'll ALL have FUN !! 

Don't be shy !! Acey-Ducey, Bonanza, Champ - - to EXtra, Yankee, & Zenith - (and everything in between ! )

This is a casual, low-key, semi-disorganized FUN trip !! (We'll be Winging It all the way !)

Suggestions welcome - navigation by consensus !!


Please register for the Ramble NOW ! Send $5 cash and we'll add you to the special Rebel Ramble mailing lists.

.. You will be kept up to date, and it will help us with planning ! ........ THANKS !

Bob & Anna Patterson (905) 457-5238

Ontario Factory Rep. - Murphy Aircraft Mfg. Ltd.

22 Baronwood Court, Brampton, Ont. L6V 3H6

email address here