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   Ramble through The Rocks !


    Rebel  Ramble 2008 
                      16th Annual  Fly & Camp Trip
* Rebel Ramble To La Belle Province ! *
        July 12th to July 20th, 2008   Another Trip of a Lifetime !!    Fly Along with us !  

   Check here often for the latest Ramble news !

       June 14th - 11 am - Rebel Ramble Planning Meeting

        Hope to see all the Ramblers &  wanna-be's there early, even if
        it's raining !   We'll be going over the route, and things to bring.

        If you have a new Canadian Flight Supplement, and Toronto maps,
        PLEASE bring them along !!    Thanks !

        -  Click here to download the Ramble Planning Meeting Agenda -
 June 14 - 5:40 pm      Planning Meeting update
        We had a good meeting today - thanks to all those who came !
     A bit smaller crowd than we expected, as the weather didn't
help....   but we had one fly-in Rebel !   :-)

   All of the information we ran through is on this web site for downloading
- note that several of the PDF's have had additions in the last few days !

     The map kits are available now - get yours ordered soon.

   We had 3 new registrations today, bringing us to 11,
and we expect several more in the next few weeks - several
couldn't make it today.  Please pass on those Ramble Flyers -
print them & post them at your clubs, - the more the better !  
We encourage everyone to join in, even for a day or 2.

   Keep checking this NEWS section, and we'll try to email as well.....

    Other than updates, we'll look for some of you at the Ramble
kick-off  BBQ at Brampton RAA, on Monday, July 7th, from 6:30 pm on ...
and see the rest of you on Saturday, July 12th, when we
start Rambling !!   We expect several folks to meet up with
us on the way - especially at our loooong lunch at Lindsay !  :-)


          Come & Fly with us - EVERYONE WELCOME !    (Especially owners & lovers of the Murphy Rebel)

          These fun flying trips are much like LIFE - the object is NOT "to get to the end", it's "TO ENJOY THE TRIP" !!   

                         We don't always get to the place we expected , but we DO see interesting places,
                                              meet interesting people, and share a lot of fun.
                     Fly along with us, learn a bunch, share lots of experiences, and create some happy memories !!           
               This is a casual, low-key, semi-disorganized FUN trip !! (We'll be Winging It all the way !)

                                       Suggestions welcome - navigation by consensus !!

Fly along for just a day, or 2, or the whole trip !

Please call & get on the Mailing List !   Everyone can fly along - and we'll ALL have FUN !! 

Don't be shy !! Acey-Ducey, Bonanza, Champ - - to EXtra, Yankee, & Zenith - (and everything in between ! )

This is a casual, low-key, semi-disorganized FUN trip !! (We'll be Winging It all the way !)

Suggestions welcome - navigation by consensus !!


Please register for the Ramble NOW ! Send $5 cash and we'll add you to the special Rebel Ramble mailing lists.

.. You will be kept up to date, and it will help us with planning ! ........ THANKS !

Bob & Anna Patterson (905) 457-5238

Ontario Factory Rep. - Murphy Aircraft Mfg. Ltd.

22 Baronwood Court, Brampton, Ont. L6V 3H6

email address here